Your lifeline number is the most important of any number. It is found by date of birth – the time when you marked your life on this planet. That’s why this number is seen as a lucky number; is the key to opening up thousands of good opportunities in your life. And with that in mind, if you follow the instructions of the lifeline, this life will become much easier and will enhance your latent abilities, which are in your own nature.

How to find the number of your lifeline: add up the numbers one by one in your date of birth until there is only 1 number left (1-9)

Example: Dr. Martin Luther King, a leader Black American civil rights activist, was born on January 15, 1929.
We have: 1 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 9 = 28 | 2 + 8 = 10 | 1 + 0 = 1
His Life Path Number is 1


Life Path 1: Leader
Direction: Learn to be independent.
Opportunity: to lead or initiate a plan.
Keywords: Leads. Initiates. Active. Creator. Famous. Selfish. Egotistic. Dictatorial. Tyrant.


A man who knows how to steer, determined, and very daring. They prefer to act rather than just think. They want to improve their lives and with their ability to focus, they can focus on pursuing what they want. They want to do something more than wait. They don’t like to sit on the sidelines in any matter. Sometimes they have a little trouble being patient. They often display their ambition and leadership ability.

They can make decisions very quickly and absolutely do not like them to be changed by someone else. They have strong faith, along with frankness. Although they often stand out among friends, they are more suited to working alone than as part of a group. At work, they always believe that they can solve any problem. Eccentric, defiant and courageous,

Cons: They are never satisfied with their achievements and are impatient. They are easily confused by people who are slow to start. They are not comfortable being subjected to psychological analysis or accepting any form of criticism. They hate arguments and will sometimes prevent them by delaying final decisions. This is the cause of being severely frustrated. In a relationship, their determination to steer the other person can make him or her walk away.


Life path 2: The mediator
Direction: learn how to cooperate.
Opportunities: Working quite well in associations and groups.
Keywords: Cooperates. Friendly, Diplomatic. Capable. Artist. Shy. Loves oneself.


Number 2 feels the emotions of others well – sometimes even before the person himself; they give people credit, which is fair in their opinion. Although they don’t have the leadership nature of the number 1, they can still be at the top and when they do, they are like an active partner beside everyone. They easily attract people’s attention or become famous in life. People are easily captivated by their inspiration in conversation. They are the masters and mistresses of time and very patiently wait for the right moment before starting something.

They don’t like the rush and will resist being forced to work in an uncomfortable place. A person who loves music or has an artistic nature because they have a good sense of tone. They really excel at drawing attention when it comes to something. Always keep polite and courteous, so they hate vulgar language and rude behavior. Diplomacy is a natural for the number 2 as if they have the ability to see through all the heart of the matter. They like to have a partner who can share their lives and work with them in groups. With a natural love of collecting and hoarding, they often hunt in every nook and cranny. They are quite honest with people, with little flexibility in their perception.

Cons: The main difficulty is when making decisions because they always suggest things, so they don’t like to upset anyone. If their personal feelings are suppressed, they can obviously respond quite strongly. They are very sensitive, vulnerable, and can daydream too much. They prefer to fly in the imagination rather than have to act. Shyness or shyness is a big problem, and they get annoyed if the situation turns bad, into the competition.


Life Path 3: Artist
Direction: learn how to create joy.
Opportunity: use talent and imagination.
Keywords: Self-image. Likes to socialize. Creative. Lucky. Love life. Conceited. Aggressive. Easily bored. Envy.


Number 3 is a happy person, very enthusiastic to bring enjoyment to everyone. They have the ability to light up an entire room. With their endowed potential, they can imagine and colorize people. They are inherently very witty and easy to learn and quickly learn skills. This is also the obvious necessity for the love of their lives.

They appear to be lucky for everyone; they make money easily. There seems to be something about the number 3. With their eloquence and enthusiasm, they are people-pleasing homeowners. They need to show their true talents by all means. Number 3 has very deep thoughts and loves to party.

Cons: They get bored quickly and work nonstop. Although it is easy to make a lot of money, they cannot stop spending it. Their main problem is loneliness, so they struggle to get out of that situation on their own. They have no patience. They need to learn to persevere with their work more. This is the type of person who can burn everything around by himself.


Life path 4: The Builder

Direction: build a life with a solid foundation.

Opportunity: use constructive self-disciplined.

Keywords: Practice, Reality, Orthodoxy. Hard-working. Loyal. Honest. Narrow-minded. Doctrine, dogma. Obtuse.


Number 4 is quite practical; they are not afraid to make an effort. They accept to endure to the end to accomplish what they want in life. Honestly, they prefer to work with a plan rather than a random one. They can be self-motivated and work long hours. Their life will be easier when they reach adulthood.

They trust people who are loyal and honest. They love to see results. Security is important; They don’t want to lose all their money. They have difficulty making decisions because of the traditional way of thinking and don’t like to stray from plans. Always busy, so lazy is not a word to describe who they are. When they feel secure, they rest, but not before.

Cons: They can be completely workaholics and never know when to take a break. Adolescence can be difficult. Touching the root of the problem can frighten them. They are afraid of new things. In those moments, their thinking becomes rigid and dogmatic.


Life path 5: The communicator

Direction: learn how to find freedom

Opportunity: inform and create change.

Keywords: The messenger. Freedom seeker. Flexible. Easy to adapt. There is a sexual attraction. Sensitive. Analysis. Progressive. Hesitant. Seek satisfaction. Changes often.


They need freedom and will fight as soon as they feel manipulated. The type of person who loves change, progress, and anything new. The 5s are very adaptable when the situation changes. They are very multi-talented and need to make full use of those talents in them. The number 5 is the number of the senses and those people always show a lack of sense of sexual attraction. They have an extremely vibrant, exciting, and youthful attitude.

This number has a material meaning, so they enjoy racing situations. Even under stress, they can still do good work. Numbers 5 are famous for their sexual preference and ability to connect with any type of person. They are great salespeople; Good at math and good at eloquence. They will find the fastest way to reach the goal. With their love of traveling, they can easily live without many possessions. Curious about everything, they are not very good at memorizing.

Thanks to their cleverness and analytical ability, they see right through everyone. They want to succeed, hate failure, but find it difficult to accept outside help. Always cheerful, they can motivate people around.

Cons: They are rather self-indulgent and impatient. When they lose their balance, they may indulge in a lifestyle of “sex, drugs, alcohol”. There are times when they are very reckless and change jobs often or become so passionate, so fixated on a job or project that they can’t stop or change.


Life path 6: Teacher

Direction: learn to enjoy responsibility.

Opportunity: Create and create harmony.

Keywords: Harmony. Creative. Balance. Responsibility. Equal. Adviser. Bag of copper. Concerned.


Number 6 needs a very balanced life. They are constantly searching for harmony and appreciating the pleasant and beautiful things around them. They love working in a team and are ready to take on the responsibility as a key member of the team. They are very responsible for those who are trustworthy. Throughout their lives, it seems that responsibility is something they have to take on.

They hate unfair things and love fair games. In addition to being extremely loyal, they are also like the number 4 in respect of others, they make friends for life. They desperately need a peaceful home life because they always have a feeling of losing their balance when someone suddenly disappears. Number 6 has a lot of talent, especially a voice that needs to be fully exploited. Number 6 can also teach. They need to live in balance and achieve harmony in life.

Cons: They think they know what you should do, so they always get into everyone’s business. That is why they hinder and cause trouble for many people. They always consider themselves the best, the best – even in love. Binge eating can be a serious problem. They are quite old-fashioned and moral, so they are easily mistaken when looking at the problems around them. They worry about being exposed to their own stupidity.


Life path 7: Individualist

Direction: learn my own experience

Opportunity: use knowledge and experience.

Keywords: Personal. There is intuition. Deep. Analyst. Mysterious. Single-minded. Perfectionist. Hesitant. Never accepts advice.


They need a lot of time in the day to be alone. Their talents are suited to particular problems. They prefer to work alone rather than in groups. Accomplishments often happen in unusual, non-traditional ways.

They have extremely good intuition and know how to analyze situations, but they often doubt their intuition. They prefer to work at a leisurely pace rather than being forced into a situation. They are such perfectionists that they often procrastinate and wait for the right opportunity to act. They plan quite secretly for a long time and when they act it’s like a big blow.

This number is dreamier than any other number. They don’t like being dictated to and forced to follow instructions. With privacy and often little self-disclosure, they are capable of helping and conciliatory. Rebellious, the number 7 is often attracted to things that are unusual or new, idealistic or religious. Oddly enough, this number has a lot of potential for idealism but they also believe in atheism. And more surprisingly, although this is a lonely number, they perform quite well in front of the crowd.

Cons: They are often cold and arrogant, especially in the first meeting. However, there are a few 7s who know how to hide it by talking constantly. They don’t like the kind of job that only knows money and money. They never listen to advice from others, so they make life much more difficult for themselves. Always dream, to replace real life.


Life path 8: Goal-setter

Direction: learn to set goals

Opportunity: become independent

Keywords: Ambitious. Strong. Organizational nature. Virtuous person. reliable. Independent. Materialistic. Covetous. Heartless.


Extremely interested in wars and struggles for power. Number 8 is very strong, resilient, and if not extremely callous. They are lively, energetic, and very self-confident. They don’t like being dependent and will fight if necessary. As extremely ambitious people, they always know how to set goals, things that need a balance between material and spiritual. This is a very strong number and quite reckless at work. Always busy and well organized, so for them, career is more important than family.

This is an extreme number: only success or failure. According to them, appearance is the most important thing. They easily intimidate others. They play sports quite well because they are very gifted themselves. When they are settled they are very kind and happy to help people. And they prefer people to take care of themselves. This number works well in the business sector, where self-reliance and strength shine. This means they cannot lead a quiet life. They often have to work to achieve success.

Cons: They get frustrated easily. They are often neglected in expressing their feelings when in love with someone and may be absent from some important events between the two. When they are greedy for rights, and wealth and have a lot of ambition, they begin to be unlucky.


Life path 9: Humanitarian

Direction: learn how to show kindness

Opportunity: develop idealism and creativity.

Keywords: Compassion. Humanitarian. Single-minded. Romantic. Drama. Creative. Attractive. Lack of focus. Mood swings.


The opportunities for the number 9 are unlimited because the number 9 is not only itself but also includes all other numbers. The number 9s are very idealistic, want to change the whole world, they aspire to bring a good life to everyone. This is also the number that represents the idea of ​​being generous, altruistic, and always going against the norm.

They are charismatic and very personable. They also have drama, which is inherent to artists. They do well as leaders of religious movements and rituals, and easily understand the essentials of religion. They are also people who love to travel. They are sensitive and love people. They prefer to deal with life’s big problems rather than the little things. They are especially not good at making money because money is not very interesting to them. They have many friends who are drawn to the charm of the number 9.

Cons: They can be impatient and very temperamental. They need to control themselves more. They need to be more realistic. They are not good at judging others and can be manipulated by people who are not conscientious. They can sacrifice themselves if necessary.