Spiritual arrow 3-5-7

In the birthday chart, the arrows have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

What is the outstanding feature of arrow 3-5-7 in numerology?

The person with this 3-5-7 arrow usually has a certain spiritual acumen. Arrow 357 has a meaning indicating that they have faith to pursue and do their ideals.

How do overcome the 3-5-7 arrow weakness?

Spiritual sensitivity is one thing, but there are people who become superstitious. Respecting beliefs is definitely part of some cultures and traditions, but many people go overboard with it, immersed in their own spiritual world, and forget the real world with family and loved ones.

What occupation is suitable for a person with arrow 357?

Talking about suitable careers, people with numerology arrows 3-5-7 will be suitable for fields related to religion and beliefs.

Overview of arrows 3-5-7 in numerology

Arrow 357 in Pitago numerology is the arrow of Psychic Acumen. It is made up of 3 numbers located on 3 different axes of the birth chart. The number 3 on the Brain axis represents memory and creativity. The number 5 is on the spiritual axis representing love and connection. And finally, the number 7 is located on the physical axis, meaning passion for experience. All three of those numbers created a rare, and special arrow.

Spiritual arrow 3-5-7
Arrow 357 in numerology

Features 3-5-7. arrow

The person with this 357 arrow usually has a certain spiritual acumen. Arrow 357 has a meaning that indicates they have the faith to pursue and live their ideals. It is undeniable that thanks to that, they have a 6th sense, the sensitivity to everything.

They seem to have a precaution, preparing in advance for the things that are about to happen in the future that they feel themselves. These people often believe in Gods, Buddhism or Christianity… depending on the customs or beliefs of each person, each country, or ethnic group.

Belief in the supernatural world sometimes helps them to be firm in life, always feeling the protection of heaven and earth. Not only that, but this also gives them the right attitude to life, so that they are not ashamed of heaven and earth, and believe in the law of cause and effect.

These people often tend to experience things on their own, instead of taking advice from others. Sometimes there are experiences that give them unsatisfactory results, but that doesn’t change their mind. They accept mistakes or failures in exchange for experience, and maturity in life.

Points to fix

Spiritual sensitivity is one thing, but there are people who become superstitious. A lot of people get too absorbed in their own spiritual world and neglect the existence of reality. Like any belief, it only really works when it is placed in the right place and in the right situation.

Sometimes, their experiences do not bring the desired results, making themselves depressed and frustrated and it can lead to negative reactions. These people need to regain the balance in life, between passion and reality. In addition to their personal passions and beliefs, they need to pay attention to their daily life with family, friends, and people close to them.

Do not be too stubborn with personal thoughts that affect other relationships. There are experiences that are not worth our time, effort, or money. They need to learn to listen and absorb more from those around them. Because there are things from people who have experiences that are valuable; sweat and tears cannot be exchanged.

Education Orientation

Children with arrows 3-5-7 in the birth chart in numerology lookup results. Ever since they were a child, It has been very trusting. As a result, they are easily deceived or misled. Therefore, parents need to be careful and teach their children from an early age so that they know the right direction for themselves. At the same time, because they easily trust people, their trust is also easily broken when faced with deception.

Therefore, people around, especially family members, should never, even unintentionally deceive children, because maybe just once is enough to make them lose faith. As a result, gradually they will lose faith in the world around them because of those incidents. Raising a child is not easy, raising a child to be a good child is even harder. Parents must be extremely delicate to easily enter the world of their children.

Future job

Talking about suitable careers, people with numerology arrows 3-5-7 will be suitable for fields related to religion and beliefs. But no matter where they work, they will feel happy. However, the choice of career is also influenced by their dominant number and the orientation of themselves and their families. Surely, learning about numerology or birth charts will help them get in the right direction.


In summary, people with arrows 3-5-7 possess a keenness for spiritual matters. In the future, they can do whatever they like, but understanding their arrows will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses and achieve more success in the future.