Soul Urge Number 3 – Secret Numerology Meaning | Love, Life, and Career

Are you aware that you have Soul Urge Number 3 and are you interested in learning what it is? If so, you’re at the right spot. It is your Soul’s Urge Number that can reveal your purpose and greatest desires. It helps you discover the most important information in your numerology chart and can help to determine who you are as well as your mission in this life.

Soul Urge Number 3

Similar to many other numbers, Soul Urge Numbers are determined by the date you were born. What exactly do you know about Soul Urge Number 3 and what is it telling you when you are blessed with it? Here, we’ll give you all the information you must learn about Soul Urge Number 3.

What is Soul Urge Number 3?

If you’re a Soul Urge Number 3, it means you’re an extremely creative person. This also means that you possess a unique aptitude that helps you distinguish yourself from others. Your deepest guiding principle is creativity. Your creativity can be expressed through a variety of forms such as singing or writing scripts poems, dance, and many more.

If you’re blessed with the Soul Urge Number, the manner in which you express your creativity is sure to be noticed by many. Families, buddies, and the community will view you as exceptional due to your extraordinary talents. People with these Soul Urge Numbers are born entertainers. They excel at capturing the attention of people and making them smile by applying their own talents and skills.

So, if you’ve discovered that you are Soul Urge Number 3, you should know that your primary desire is to become an entertainer. Your personality and joyful personality make you an entertaining person to surround yourself with. A lot of people want to be there because of your genius.

If you are blessed with the Soul Urge Number, you must use your imagination and abilities to help others who are in need. Your only way to achieve your goals in life is when you utilize your talents and abilities to positively impact the lives of people around you.

Like any similar Soul Urge Number, Soul Urge Number 3 comes with its own set of difficulties. The most frequent issues include a lack of privacy and the focus is so on having fun with other people that you don’t take good care of yourself. If you can overcome the obstacles related to these Soul Urge Numbers, you will lead a pleasant and satisfying life.

How is the number of souls calculated?

Write your full name on paper and the vowels in the name will correspond to a number, then add those corresponding values ​​together. Then you need the total value to 1 number (if the result is 11, 22, or 33, then no need to continue adding). The end result will be your soul urge!

How is the soul urge calculated?

For example, if Your name is Antonio Banderas, we will have the following corresponding values:

Soul Urge Number 3

A + O + I + O = 1 + 6 + 9 + 1 =17 => 1 + 7 = 8

A + E + A = 1 + 5 + 1 = 7

Then, adding the above values ​​together, we get: 8 + 7 = 15 => 1+5 = 6

Result: Your soul urge is 6


If the result is 11,22,33 then your soul urge is 11,22,33 no need to add again

If both before and after Y are consonants, Y is considered a vowel

If there is a vowel before or after Y, then Y is not counted

Example  :

If your name is Yara: Y is not counted because after Y there is a vowel a

If your name is Emily: Y is counted because it stands alone and is not next to any vowels

Soul Number 3 in Love

If you are blessed with the Soul Urge Number, then be thankful because you’re a lover magnet. It is not a have to struggle to attract the opposite gender as it is with others Soul Urge Numbers. Your personality and sense of humor are sure to make you attractive.

If you have a person in your organization They will want to stay with you for as long as you let. They’ll never want to go because you’re an attractive person. People who are in this majority are extremely romantic and are able to show love, affection, and affection to their love loved ones. But, their hectic schedules and their celebrity status frequently make it challenging for them to build a lasting relationships with their partner.

Your talents and creativity are attractive, which makes you a perfect candidate for an attractive partner. But, you could quickly get bored if your lover does not excite you.

Soul Number 3 in Career

“The Soul Urge Number is 3 created to entertainers. They love places where they can be performing and in the center. Therefore, jobs that require performing as well as public speaking can be a great choice for those who are.

The characteristics of those with the Soul Urge Number 3.

You’re creative and talented.

If you are Soul Urge Number 3, be aware that you possess extraordinary ability. You’re also very imaginative and will always impress others with your abilities. You are always different from the rest through your imagination and talent.

However, because you’re so gifted, however, you might be unable to decide on the best career path to follow. This could result in discontent as well as procrastination. In some instances depression.

You are the person for everyone.

People who have Soul Urge Number 3 like to interact with others and are frequently referred to as the people’s persons. You’re energetic and outgoing, and you enjoy socializing with other people. You also enjoy being the center of attention. Other people also enjoy being around you due to your hilarious ability to laugh and your creativity.

Do you enjoy giving back to others?

People who have Soul Urge Number 3 are generous and are eager to assist others. They usually leverage their influence and power to help the poor within society. They also get involved in charitable as well as financial assistance programs when they are able.

You are wonderful and always open to new friends.

The people with this soul-driven are a lot of heart and are extremely friendly and warm. It is easy for them to connect with and is easy to be around. People often make use of their friendly and friendliness to profit from their charms. If you have this kind of number, you have been cautious and ensured that no one else can profit from your generosity.


Soul Urge Number 3 is often observed smiling in the ear. Why do they not smile? In the end, they’re blessed with a lot of power, positivity, and imagination, as well as the ability to make their goals become reality.

But, these talented individuals are not able to work under the direction of a person. It is therefore the best choice for them to select a job that allows them to be as imaginative as they want to be.

Here’s a quick note of advice for those with threes: to let their minds relax for a while, they need to practice spiritual exercises like meditation and yoga. In the end, if anyone is able to experience life so deeply that it’s emotionally overwhelming that’s the person who is number 3. and they’ll need every assistance they can receive.