Soul Urge Number 11 (Master Number 11/2)

Soul Urge Number 11

If you are looking to understand your most cherished desires and what drives you, then you must learn about your Soul Urge Number and its significance. This Soul Urge Number will help you discover your most profound desires that you’re often unaware of. Understanding details on Soul Urge Numbers will help you identify your personal purpose and direction.

Have you just realized that you’ve got Soul Urge Number 11, and you’re thinking about what this means? If yes you’re in the right location. In the realm of arithmetic 11 is referred to as the principal number. This means that it’s not reduced to one number, as is the case when dealing with numbers. This is a comprehensive description of Soul Urge Number 11.

How is the number of souls calculated?

Write your name in full on paper. The vowels in your name will represent numbers, and then you can add the values that correspond to those vowels together. You will need to convert the sum of those values to a number (if the result is 11, 22, or 33, there is you don’t need to keep adding). The final result will be your soul’s urge!

What is the method by which the soul’s urge is determined?

For instance, if your Name was Antonio Banderas, we will have the following values:

A + O + I + O = 1 + 6 + 9 + 1 =17 => 1 + 7 = 8

A + E + A = 1 + 5 + 1 = 7

After adding these values and we have 8, 7, and 15 equals 15. 1+5 = 6

The Result The soul’s urge is 6


If the result is 11,22,33, then your soul’s desire for 11,22,33, no need to add another

If both the preceding and following the vowel Y sound consonants then Y is considered to be a vowel

In the event that there’s a vowel preceding or after Y, the vowel Y is not counted.

Example :

When your first name begins with Yara the Y word is not counted as a vowel because after Y is a vowel

If the name you are using is Emily the Y word is counted since it is a stand-alone name and is not in the vicinity of any vowels

What is the Soul Urge number 11 (master number 11)?

The eleven “soul” is a prime number, meaning it does not reduce to one digit, unlike others “soul” numbers. If you’re blessed with the Soul Urge Number, it signifies that you were born to be a special person and the powerful power of the number 11 is there in your favor to assist you in achieving accomplish your goals.

The people with Soul Urge Number 11 have an intense need for peace and harmony. They also want to develop spiritually. They are convinced there is a specific goal to achieve in their life. They also have a very keen sense of smell and sense of what is going on in the world around them.

The people with the Soul Urge Number are often extremely selfless. Their focus is on helping those around them. They are driven to assist others and strive to improve the lives of other people. Additionally, they have a sharp sense of smell and depend heavily on their guts to make crucial choices. Additionally, things that are material are not as important for people who have the number 11. They are instead focused on their spiritual growth and their desires.

What is the significance of the number of souls 11 expressed in the persona?

* You appreciate relationships and co-operation

If you are a victim of that Soul Urge Number, you are a lover of relationships and partners. You are a romantic and loyal person to your spouse. You are willing to sacrifice for your partner. You also love forming relationships that are meaningful and assist you in achieving your objectives.

* You are a very committed person

The people who have the number 11 are extremely dedicated to their children, spouse, or their job. That’s why you’re happy in your profession or your relationship.

* You’re a person with high ethical standards.

The people with the Soul Urge Number usually have high moral standards. They are aware of the good and what is not. This can influence your relationships with others because they believe you to not be a good judge.

* Sensitive

The people listed in the 11th spot have sensitive nature, a unique ability they utilize to make important choices. The ability to sense and detect what’s happening in the surrounding. But, this increased sense of sensitivity requires you to take a break and enjoy the peace and a non-violent space.

* Always remember an objective for the rest of your life.

If you are a Soul Urge Number 11, then you will always have an important goal in life that you have to accomplish. It is important to determine your specific goal and then strive to achieve it. 11 is a significant number and can assist you in reaching your objectives.

* Spirituality

The Soul Urge Number 11 provides you with the desire to improve spiritually. You’re seeking to establish an intense connection with the spiritual realm. A part of your spiritual purpose might be helping others navigate the spiritual realm. Your desire to improve spiritually can land you into trouble if not vigilant.

The 11 number souls and the challenges

If you’re suffering from a Soul Urge number of 11/2 you’ve been involved in conflicts that are characterized by children-like aggression, narcissism, or are ruled by uncontrollable emotions.

You could be in a relationship for years and never find the “true love” you so need. In reality, this unrequited affection is usually rooted in an unrealistic conception of what love is, as well as an inability to comprehend the healthy dynamics of giving and taking that are essential to a healthy relationship.

Your inner struggles could be due to being a “dreamer” rather than a performer. It is possible that it is difficult to put all of your ideas into action and the facts you encounter can be confusing you!

11 Number of Souls and career

The people who have the number 11 are extremely knowledgeable and energetic. They excel in jobs that require the use of critical thinking. They are also extremely successful on the job due to their dedication determination, unwavering determination, and ability to think critically. They are quickly promoted throughout their careers, and the majority of them are placed in management and leadership positions. Their imagination and intelligence are exceptional, and they often come up with solutions to major problems in a short time.

The number of souls 11 in relationships

The people who have the number 11 have the qualities of dedication and loyalty to their partner. These people are selfless and desire to provide their partner with the best. They cherish close and intimate relationships. And when they are in the same relationship, they take every step to ensure their partner is satisfied and content.

They also enjoy all their family members and close friends and will be there for them when they need it. They cherish friendship and stay in contact with their closest friends. They also enjoy creating an atmosphere that is harmonious and full of positive energy. They are also trying to find a permanent solution to the conflict.

But, those with these Soul Urge Numbers have an extremely strong spiritual connection. Indeed, their connection to the spiritual realm allows people with this number to ignore their partner or quit if they don’t adhere to their convictions. They are also aware of right and wrong, and they can set similar standards for their companions. It can cause tension in their relationship.


Soul Urge Number 11 is typically a visionary force that provides insight into the lives of people and situations and assists in steering things in the right direction.

The idealist and sensitive 11 seek peace and harmony while working for the common good.

These are people who are affectionate and committed in their relationships. They don’t demand too much and aren’t perceived as being bossy.

This number is in need of an individual who can communicate with them at a deeper level and be able to understand their spiritual demands. The ability to give each other space is vital in a partnership with number 11.