Fifth Dimensional Space: 8 Signs that you are Starting to Live in it

Living in the Fifth Dimensional Space:

Many focus on the study of ascension and stepping into different dimensions on our journey to spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. As we move from one space to the next, we experience a shift in our consciousness as we move from one set of old beliefs to another.

Fifth Dimensional Space

Our energy moves throughout the world and the universe in vibrations. As these vibrations become higher and lighter, they allow us to tune into higher frequencies. These high frequencies allow us to travel to higher dimensions, opening us up to new realities and ways of thinking.

Life on Earth, as we know it, is considered to be the third dimension, a lower and denser vibration. The thinking associated with the third dimension is one of fear and aloofness, a belief that holds the ignorant, trapping them in this world.

When we move into the fourth dimension, we enter the realm of the heart, redirecting our thoughts to one of love and oneness. The fourth dimension journey acts as a form of purification, helping our mind and soul to shift from the energy of the third dimension to a lighter vibration as we ascend to the third dimension. year.

The fifth dimension is the realm of cosmic consciousness, pure love, and truly multidimensional reality. It is here that we experience a true ‘enlightened reality.

This is the space of spiritual enlightenment and understanding, a higher understanding of the universe.


Sign 1.

When you go through a day, as usual, you will suddenly find that the world is more beautiful than you remember. This will come to you through each of your senses, experiencing the world in a whole new way.

Sign 2.

You will experience the thinning of the veil, allowing you to hear guidance and messages from angelic guides, spirit guides, past ancestors, and living beings on a higher dimension. This will give you a sense of security, certainty, and support.

Sign 3.

During your daily life, you will notice that you begin to experience significantly more feelings of happiness, joy, love of life, lightness, and appreciation of the world in which you live.

Sign 4.

Your sense of time will no longer exist as a concrete concept, but instead – more like water – it will feel fluid, fleeting, and eternal. You will realize and accept that life in your current body will come to an end, however, you will continue to live forever.

Sign 5.

You will be able to do amazing things when you begin to acknowledge and accept that time and space are only an illusion. This experience can occur when you experience physical levitation, moving objects with your mind, or passing your hand across a solid surface.

Sign 6.

You will begin to experience freedom from the heavy negatives you used to have, and suddenly you find it easier to release this negative energy and move forward faster.

Sign 7.

You will feel as if the Universe is giving you signs, guiding you where to go and what to do in this life. This will leave you feeling as if you are on a magical journey where anything is possible.

Sign 8.

When you realize that all matter around you is energy and consciousness, this opens the door that allows you to time travel with your body to other worlds and dimensions. You will be able to participate in any particular event in your life, from your past or waiting for you in the future.