Facing your Fears will give you Greatest Superpowers

Facing your fears gives you superpowers

facing your fears

‘You should always try to face the thing that scares you the most. That would be the bravest thing you could do – this is something everyone should hear.

We really should shout that out to people who are afraid of doing new things. Everyone should know that fear is actually a completely natural experience.

And above all, it is completely acceptable. You get scared when you’re trying to get what you really want.

Because a part of you knows that the other side of success is failure and failure means disappointment and regret. You know that failure means a waste of time and energy.

But that fear will never stop you from going and achieving what you really want.

There will always be times when you are faced with something that you really want but is very scary. It is a common thing to fear it.

But that’s why you should muster up your courage and really make it defiant. You should always work towards your goals.

Why is it like that?

Because that’s what makes you really strong. Know that strength has nothing to do with being fearless. We are all afraid.

Even the bravest soldiers fear death. But the real strength is facing what terrifies you, then bursting with courage and diving into it.

Strength will come when you accept fear, you will achieve what you come for no matter what.

But most of the time, we can’t see it. We turned around and walked out. We give up. Whenever you give up, you are surrendering to Fear. You will never grow up when you leave.

You will stay that way, and worse yet, when you realize that you were wrong, time will pass. And the only thing you have will regret. And the terrible thing if any.

But magic is what remains on the other side of fear. That’s where you achieve something and enter a new phase. Maybe you won’t be able to get what you want – it doesn’t matter, you will grow up, you will learn a new lesson.

It will make a brave person out of you. It will make you realize that you have something to be proud of – it’s YOU.

So face your fears. It will make you feel worthy – it will make you believe in yourself.

You will be in a state where you can achieve any dream you want. Be proud of yourself.