Empty arrow 3 6 9

In the birthday chart, the arrows have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

What is the outstanding feature of 3 6 9 empty arrows?

People with this 3 6 9 empty arrow often have trouble remembering. This “goldfish brain” causes them to face many difficulties in their daily lives

How to fix empty arrow 3 6 9 in numerology?

People often say “hard work compensates for intelligence” and in this situation, it is no exception.

Educational orientation for children with empty arrows 3 6 9

They can absorb quickly, but their memory is not good, so they often do not have the desired results.

3 6 9. Empty arrow overview

In numerologythe empty arrow 3 6 9 is an arrow that lacks the presence of the triple number of the mental axis. For that reason, there are a few highlights in people with this arrow and it is also known as the Short-Term Memory arrow.

Empty arrow 3 6 9

Features 3 6 9. Empty arrow

People with empty arrows 3 6 9 This often has problems in remembering. This “goldfish brain” causes them to face many difficulties in their daily lives. In study and work, the habit of talking first and forgetting later makes it difficult for them to successfully complete the assigned task, or to be reprimanded, reminded, and can even damage the work of many people. 

That sometimes also makes them lose a lot of time, affecting the people around them. Sometimes their forgetfulness makes others see them as someone who is not careful, and sloppy in their lifestyle when they have to find where the keys are or where the cell phone is. Really, no one will want to work with a person who always makes others wait, showing such an unfocused, unprofessional attitude. 

Short-term memory also causes them to get into trouble when they fall into confusing situations. If you are forgetful and add clumsy, there will surely be someone who cooks rice but forgets to turn on the button or is so absorbed in talking on the phone that he forgets the pot of food cooking on the stove. These people are probably more likely to experience senile dementia or Alzheimer’s in their old age than other people.

How to overcome 369 empty arrow disadvantages in numerology

It’s really not just people with empty arrows 3-6-9 who only have short-term memory that the current “goldfish brain syndrome” is common in this era. It is possible that many things are now replaced by machines that do not exclude the fact that memory makes people too dependent. 

The use of social networks in particular and the internet in general often makes us get caught up in it and forget about real life, forgetting both physical and mental exercise. Therefore, in order to improve the state of limited memory, you need to try harder to study or work. 

People often say “hard work compensates for intelligence” and in this situation, it is no exception. Compared to other people, these people need more practice, and many times more effort. The constant mental activity will make the brain more regulated, stimulating its work. 

They should also actively participate in outdoor extracurricular activities to relax their minds and increase the opportunity to learn and interact with many people. To overcome the limitations of short-term memory, they can often “take notes” of things to remember and put them in an easy-to-see place. They should also practice the habit of living neatly and neatly, putting any furniture in its right place when they need to find it will save time.

Educational orientation for 3-6-9. empty arrows

When looking up numerology, children with empty arrows 3-6-9 in the birth chart will have some difficulty in learning because of the lack of numbers on the Brain axis. They can absorb quickly, but their memory is not good, so they often do not have the desired results. 

Children themselves also have limitations, so they seem to be more retarded in thinking than other children of the same age. Parental support, in this case, is essential. Instead of putting heavy pressure on studying, parents should encourage their children to participate in extracurricular activities, and choose their favorite gifted subjects. 

Training them to concentrate is one of the factors that help improve memory. Besides, comfortable psychology will help children’s thinking to be better developed, and importantly, they can do what they like, voluntarily. Parents should not put too much pressure on their children in terms of grades, the more pressure they put, the more intellectually inhibited they become, and they will see learning as a burden, they are forced to study while they do not like it. 

From an early age, parents should also train their children to lead a neat, tidy, and careful lifestyle. Don’t let the limitation of memorization make them sloppy or passive in any case.


In short, the empty arrow 369 in numerology with the absence of numbers on the mental axis brought about the undesirable limitation of short-term memory. However, anything can be changed and improved with practice. In the future, these people can absolutely reap many successes.