Can Dreams Predict Exactly Our Future?

Since ancient times, people have found a connection between people’s dreams and life events as mysterious omen. The researchers found that dreams reflect not only wishes, but also fears and disappointments, and evoke not only memories but also predictions to prepare us for good situations. or scary in the future.

Dreams are often the result of a combination of past experiences and predictions of future events, according to evidence from a new study.

The results showed that 53.5% of dreams are rooted in memory, and about 50% of dreams originating in memory are related to many past experiences.

The study also found that 25.7% of dreams are related to specific upcoming events and 37.4% of dreams are related to future events or to one or more specific memories. about past experiences.

People often have dreams predicting the future more common at night. Lead investigator Erin Wamsley, who holds a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience and is an associate professor in the department of psychology and the neuroscience program at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, said: People have struggled to understand the meaning of dreams for millennia. We present new evidence that dreams reflect a memory processing function. Although it has long been known that dreams are composed of fragments of past experience, our data suggest that dreams also predict possible events in the future. future”.

The study was tested with 48 students who had overnight sleep in the laboratory, the scientists assessed overnight sleep using a polymorphic method. While sleeping through the night, the students participating in the experiment were awakened 13 times to report their experiences with sleep onset, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and non-REM sleep. The next morning, the participants identified and described each night’s dream experiences. Scientists. selected, analyzed, and tracked a total of 481 dreams.

“This is a new description of dreams that originate from multiple facets of life, dreams that form from fragments of past experiences to build novel scenarios,” Wamsley said. capable of predicting future events”.

According to Wamsley, dreams about the future are more likely to occur at night and can be influenced by upcoming events. Although these dreams rarely describe future events specifically, the combination of memory passages in the dream related to the future can foretell something adaptive.

Although this is not a new topic, no matter how modern science develops, the human brain still has many mysteries that humans have not been able to explore fully.

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