Empty arrow 1 5 9

In the birthday chart, the arrows have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses.

What is the prominent feature of empty arrow 1 5 9?

In Pitago numerology, the owner of the empty arrows 1-5-9 is usually procrastinating. Before each thing, they often show a hesitant, timid, and unclear attitude.

How to fix empty arrow 1 5 9 in numerology?

To change, they need to learn how to plan for the future. Let’s start by setting goals or maybe your dreams and ambitions.

Educational orientation for children with blank arrows 159

Children with empty arrows 1-5-9 in numerology from a young age have also shown their procrastination through very small things.

Overview of empty arrow 1 5 9 in numerology

In contrast to the arrow of determination 1-5-9, the empty arrow 159 is also known as the delay arrow. The absence of those 3 numbers makes people with these empty arrows encounter some limitations. Let’s find out together.

Empty arrow 1 5 9
Blank arrow 159 in numerology

Outstanding Features

In Pythagorean Numerology, the owner of the empty arrow 1-5-9 is often procrastinating. Before each thing, they often show a hesitant, timid, and unclear attitude. The lack of determination in studying and working makes them miss many opportunities for success. 

Remember that there are opportunities that only come once in a lifetime, sometimes just because of that little delay that makes us regret it for a lifetime. Because there are people who have waited their whole life to not have that luck. The long procrastination makes their things become stagnant. 

When you have a lot of time, you are leisurely, when you are close, you are in a hurry. Meanwhile, anything that is polished, and invested in time and effort will also achieve better results. And put yourself in the position of the people around you, no one wants to live and work with a person that is so indifferent and irresponsible. 

It is the lack of determination that many times they become superficial, and do not put all their efforts to get the results back, which is only worth the effort. These people seem to be so used to their boring, uncertain lives and if they continue to maintain that lifestyle, sooner or later they will fall behind everyone around them.

How to fix the empty arrow 159

Their preference for procrastination probably stems from their own indeterminacy and aimlessness. So many times they delay their actions because they do not have any plan or rather do not know where to start. It is procrastination that makes them slow or even lazy.

They become withdrawn and have little connection with the people around them. Therefore, to change, they need to learn how to plan for the future. Let’s start by setting goals or maybe your dreams and ambitions. And from there they plan what to do to achieve that goal. The more detailed and specific the plan, the easier it is to implement and limit the difficulties and obstacles that can trigger their procrastination.

And when they know what they need to do as well as their own time, they can have the right perspective and arrange the right time to complete it as best as possible. Besides, these people should have companions to encourage, motivate and remind them when their lack of determination explodes. Love and care are like a bond that makes us able to change for the better.

Educational orientation for empty arrows 1-5-9

Children with empty arrows 1-5-9 in numerology from a young age have shown procrastination through very small things. That can be reflected in the fact that they are so busy playing that they avoid studying, and then when they are ready to go to school, a lot of homework is piled up like a mountain or maybe when their parents or anyone ask them to do something, they don’t do it right away…

This can happen again and again not only because of their innate personality but also because of the inertia that their parents and family members bring. Sometimes because of the love in the wrong place, the children become sluggish, because they think that if they don’t do those things, someone else will do it for them.

It is that way of thinking that makes them more and more stagnant and falling. Therefore, parents must show rigor in the way of education. Guide them carefully and watch how they work instead of overprotecting your children, cherish them without having to move your hands or feet to do anything.

From a young age, teach them the habit of planning, and making a schedule for each day of the week. It is this work that will make the children know when they need to study when to eat or play or entertain. Reasonable time distribution will form a biological life rhythm, and form good habits for the rest of the child’s life, partially limiting procrastination in them.


In the process of looking up Pitago numerology, owning the empty arrow 1 5 9 with limitations is something no one wants. However, those shortcomings can be completely overcome if the family has early education for their children and depends on the acceptance of each individual. Knowing your own limitations to change in a more positive direction is also one of the values ​​that numerology wishes to bring!