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The number of your destiny line is the most important number in your life, but each person’s unique style is described by the influence of each number in your birth date.

That is why two people with the same number of fate lines but quite different points. We’ll look at those effects from the date of the birth chart.

Enter the numbers (from 1-9, remove the 0) from the date of birth into the template box. If the numbers are repeated many times, the pattern must also keep the same number of repetitions. (See example above)


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• Number 1: They are the type to easily express themselves in public. But in their private lives, they need to be more open to their own feelings. They are strong and highly independent. They are always available for any conversation.

• Two numbers 1: They have the ability to express themselves and control the situation well at all times. This is an advantage if they are in the business or in the entertainment world.

• Three numbers 1:Highly expressive, usually in writing. Some have too many talents and when they appear, they are often as hyperactive as children. They always bring joy to everyone but are also quite stubborn.

Four or more number 1: This is the potential for great achievement. They are always pushing themselves. When they allow themselves to rest, that’s when they’ve achieved greatness.

• No number 1: This only happens for charts with birthdates after 1999. Those without the number 1 need to pay attention to developing their independence and self-assertion. They will need more determination to take the lead and should not allow others to influence them. They need to assert their own style.


• A number 2:The model is very profound. They are quite sensitive, often feeling uncomfortable in a competitive environment. They like to work in their environment, which should be peaceful and quiet.

• Two Numbers 2: Awareness is very high but they can often ignore their own intuition. They live fairly standard lives but sometimes have a tendency to go along with the opposite.

In general, their lives are quite balanced. However, it is important for them to be careful about being overly sensitive.

• Three or more number 2:They perceive music very well. Very emotional and sensitive to people. They need to make sure they don’t get hurt because that could lead them to fight back with coldness or a self-centered lifestyle.

When they are not willing to do something and are forced to do it, they always overdo it.

• No number 2: Much sympathy and awareness is needed for everyone. Intuition and sensitivity are not reliable enough. The eagerness to cooperate needs further improvement.


• Number 3: Caring, very enthusiastic, and always witty with people around. They always know how to use the power of their imagination in their work, and they are very creative and quick-witted. They always help their friends when people need them. They never show their wisdom, and this is the strength behind this number.

Two numbers 3: Very imaginative, so it requires control. One of them may be the type of person who hates reality and has a tendency to fantasize.

• Three or more number 3: They may not be very interested, but the forms of exercise or sports are characteristic, very unique. They can be daydreaming and distracted. Keeping a balance between mental activity and physical activity will bring many benefits to them.

• No number 3: They need more imagination, fear something, or find it difficult. These people are usually not good at math.


• Number 4:Highly effective – because only they have the ability to work hard until the job is done. Tenacious, loyal, reliable. Common talents in them: crafts, drawing, and especially a natural aptitude for musical instruments.

• Two numbers 4: Need to be neater, shorter, and cleaner. They are capable of working long hours. They need to be careful not to become someone who only has jobs. Ingenuity is their strong point.

• Three or more number 4: They are prone to feeling limited. This is the model of the workaholic, so these people need to pay attention to creating periods of rest. Again, ingenuity is innate, so it should be used to the fullest. They are easy to follow the path and difficult to find a way out of.

• No number 4: Practice is something that needs to be applied day in and day out. This is a disgusting thing to do, but carelessness will cause trouble. So the work may never be completed.


• A number 5: The number 5 is an important number in the birth chart. It is in the middle, linked with other numbers. Strong and determined is the remarkable point of the number 5. They have the ability to motivate those around them.

They desperately need freedom, so it will be a problem in a family life when they are people who are very allergic to limits and constraints.

• Two numbers 5:For them, freedom is the most important thing so it can be the cause of problems in the family. They are very self-directed and assertive. This means, very likely to lead to overconfidence, which is the cause of mistakes in life.

• Three or more 5: People with more than one 5 love the risk of life – and if they have to escape, that’s all they need. Although sometimes they don’t realize it, they are people who are very passionate about sexual pleasure. With determination and dynamism in them, they will live a life as if they are racing.

• No number 5: Lack or no self-determination and self-motivation. Therefore, they desperately need motivation from outside sources. They are aware of the opportunities that come their way but do not know how to take advantage of them.

They should leverage associates who can motivate them to take action, or some other name to support them.


• Number 6: In their hearts, these creative people only yearn for peace. They always pursue their love of art or artists. Very good at impersonating voices. They get upset easily if their family life is in trouble.

• Two numbers 6:Usually has a very good memory of favorite foods. They need to make more use of their creativity. Like people with a number 6, family is very important to them. Beware of worries and worries because you can easily get caught up in them.

• Three or more number 6: There should be a calm, relaxed attitude towards family members. They often draw their anxiety from things out on the street rather than things at home. They need to keep in mind that when they love someone, they are always prone to making mistakes in life.

• No number 6:Family life is not the center of their thoughts. They need to learn to appreciate the beauty and learn more about art. Like children, they can be overly sensitive towards their parents. They may miss something from family life.


• Number 7: Stay calm until you see justice done. This is the most difficult number in the chart. They don’t like being told or forced to do something. Life is not easy for them. The desire for material things is very high.

• Two numbers 7:There is attention to the meaning of life. With any number 7 in the chart, they need to improve their interest in metaphysics, the soul. Life is never easy for people with two 7s.

They make their own lives more difficult with the stress they put on themselves by their own thoughts. They don’t like to accept help.

• Three or more number 7: They often face setbacks in life. They have wisdom and an understanding of the inner world. And although they make life difficult for themselves – sometimes because of their own actions – they fully accept the results and would do it again if time could be turned back. They have experience and understanding.

• No number 7:They are very reluctant to rely on someone. They often fear loneliness or doubt anything. They need proof. They are often not interested in exercise.


• Number 8: They are good at assessing the hidden abilities of people around them. They are great at organizing detailed plans and simulations of everything. The type of person who likes order and neatness. Like children, they are always hyperactive. They have no problem confronting work, but sometimes have trouble finishing it.

• Two numbers 8: The kind of person who is extremely capable. They are shrewd and shrewd when it comes to estimating something and are well worth their fear. They easily succeed in the business field.

They are willing to accept unexpected changes in life as if they have boundless energy to confront them. They are also the type to be suspicious of everything.

• Three or more number 8: Good fortune will come to business people if they know the balance between material and spiritual. They tend to be overly materialistic, but if controlled they are perfectly balanced in life. They often work hard, so they need a break.

• No number 8: It is very important to learn how to organize life. Need to be more meticulous at work. Laziness or carelessness when spending money is often very evident.


• Number 9: Idealism, high sense of world problems. For those born between 1900-1999, the number 9 naturally appears in their birth chart. This is a sign of a latent consciousness, a desire to bring many achievements to mankind. It promotes tolerance and liberal thinking.

Cons: it also promotes invasions and wars.

• Two numbers 9: Mental activity is very powerful. These numbers, are quite dramatic and have creative potential. It is important to control your emotions. While helping people, they often feel empathy, so they need to be aware of what needs to be achieved.

• Three or more 9s: These numbers indicate that they have superhuman intelligence. They always feel eager to reform right and wrong or find a good path in life. These people are not good at judging others but need to be very careful to exploit. Is the perfect combination of mass appeal and the ability to spark ideas.

• No number 9: The dynamics of the number 9 may have disappeared in some birth charts since 2000. While humanity’s achievements may not be marked, peace and harmony action – the symbol of the number 2 – will compensate.

Without the number 9, a broad outlook on life would be greatly needed to increase and awareness of the basics would be attainable.

In your birthday chart, there will be a series of 3 numbers. This sequence is likely to reinforce your own characteristics, but it depends on what the sequence is. There are many consecutive numbers such as vertical lines: 123, 456, 789; horizontal row: 147, 258, 369 ; diagonal row: 159, 357 . 

You may have only one or more series of numbers in your birthday chart, and even fill this chart if you were born on March 25, 1978. These numbers form guidelines and they will indicate one’s personal strength and abilities to easily achieve success in one’s life.

There are 2 types of lines in the birthday chart: the complete line and the missing line.

Example: The picture on the right is a person born on December 15, 1983, so she has a 1-2-3 finish and her/his strength is in planning; On the left is the birth chart of a person born on February 1, 1964, this person has a 3-5-7 short line, which means she/he is a very skeptical type.

COMPLETE ROAD: shows you the potential as well as the strength in you. It directs you on a path where you are in harmony with the natural world.

1-2-3 Road of those who know how to plan

Competent in planning; think before acting; Be aware of what your main goal is and the best way to get there. Very obedient, disciplined, neat, and tidy. Ability to steer, cooperate, and get along with people

4-5-6 The Road of Will

No matter what they dream, or what they want, they always know how to focus to achieve it. They are the type of people with high willpower. Just like children, once they have ambitions, they will never give up. They always know how to hold on to their goals in life.

7-8-9 Road of action.

Busy, strong with great energy. Life will not stand still. While people only plan and dream, they take action. And once they decide on something, they never procrastinate or procrastinate. Very high physical capacity. Rest, fresh air, and proper nutrition are important. Chronic headaches are often associated with active people.

3-6-9 The Way of Wisdom.

Is a very logical thinker, often has the ability to remember for a long time, and is extremely intelligent. They have good creativity. They are very wise and if there is a problem, they always solve it easily and quickly. That is why they will be impatient with those who are slow to understand.

2-5-8 The way of the emotional person.

They are lovable, spiritual, and sensitive towards people. The understanding of art is the point to note. They are often capable of performing. Love for them is very important. They have very strong emotions when they need to express them.

1-4-7 The Way of the Materialist.

Good health and high stamina are remarkable. They are often very skillful regardless of whether they have practiced or pursued the arts. 1-4-7 is a dynamic line, so they often encounter failures, and setbacks in life because of the restriction that occurs when the combination of 4 and 7 – the rejection and acceptance of help.

1-5-9 The Road of Determination

Determined to do some good. Children born in the 1950s all had this line, becoming great achievers. They can be very stubborn and brazen from setbacks. They always stick to ideas or plans despite the long passage of time.

3-5-7 The Way of the Compassionate.

Very calm and knows how to accept the ups and downs of life. When faced with people, they show great understanding and sympathy, which is often a sign of psychic abilities. The combination of liking and intuition is the best description of them.

The troubles may come, but they know how to accept in serenity and peace.

BACKGROUND SUGAR: indicates the weaknesses hidden deep inside of you. Help you improve yourself and get out of the usual deadlocks that are easy to encounter.

1-2-3: It can’t be said that this is a missing path but if 2 of these numbers are not present it indicates that they need to think before acting and need to have a plan for life, as well as have certain goals on a constructive path.

4-5-6: Road of discouragement

Also sometimes called the Saturn line. Family life is always troubled. There is a reluctance to admit what they really want. They always have a heavy feeling, which is expected from everyone. Therefore, they need to feel free to act without outside influence.

7-8-9: The Road of Stagnation

They like to enjoy and perfect ideas before acting. Procrastination can be viewed from many sides, but it is not effective. They need to be willing to act rather than just think about it.

3-6-9: The Road of Eccentricity

He is the type of person with unusual thinking, very unique. They will never accept rational thoughts about situations. And so they may have difficulty expressing their creativity. They need to take inspiration and art into their lives.

2-5-8: The Road of Sensitivity

Too sensitive to people’s opinions. Like children, they often lack confidence, a form of an inferiority complex. They are introverted and often feel uncomfortable in large groups. They need to love themselves more.

1-4-7: The Road of Illusion

Reality and materialism will take some time. It is essential to do something more dynamic with his life. Stamina can be weak and she doesn’t like being alone. Their lives may be narrow and a little adjustment will be needed to improve.

1-5-9: The Road of Patience, Recession

Originality, motivation, and determination may be lacking. When the numbers are enough, they are the type to be very excitable and resilient; but when they lack, they lack goals and resignation prevails. They don’t have to follow everyone around all the time.

3-5-7: The Way of the Skeptic

This line has two meanings. First, they are people who always demand proof, always doubting anything metaphysical and conventional in their beliefs. The second meaning is more common today: Open minded, welcoming to new ideas, and having faith – the exact opposite of the first.

This line appears to suggest options. Migraine and neurological complaints are always associated with it.