Arrow of Wisdom 3-6-9

In the birthday chart, the arrows have characteristics that show each person’s personality and strengths and weaknesses. In this context we will learn:

What is the outstanding feature of arrow 3-6-9 in numerology?

Prominent in the person with the intellectual arrow 3-6-9 in numerology means the superiority of the intellect, the thinking mind is superior to the human.

How to overcome 3-6-9 arrow weaknesses?

Those arrogant thoughts and personalities create distance from those around them. Try to analyze your thoughts and personality, and slowly modify yourself to create harmony with the people around you.

What occupation is suitable for a person with arrow 369?

They are very much capable individuals. So, jobs that require promoting and using their mental strength will definitely suit them – tasks such as doing research, scientific work, investigating, etc.

Overview arrow 369 in numerology

Arrow 369 in numerology is called the Arrow of Wisdom. It is made up of 3 numbers that lie on the same brain axis. Number 3 represents an analytical mind and good memory. Number 6 represents creativity in thinking. And finally, the number 9 means determination and responsibility.

Arrow of Wisdom 3-6-9
Arrow of wisdom 3-6-9 in numerology

Highlights of the 3-6-9. arrow

Prominent in the person with the arrow of wisdom 369. In numerology, it means the superiority of the intellect. Those are really smart, and bright people. That is reflected in the way we study and work. These people always maximize their ability to use their minds and apply them to work and life. They always complete the job perfectly but also save time and effort.

Because of that, compared to other people, they have a very good ability to absorb things easily, hence, they spend less time on their learning. At work, the agility in learning helps them to progress very quickly and is respected by their superiors. Thanks to the convergence of the numbers of the mental axis, it must be said that they have an extremely good memory.

A good memory helps them achieve high results in their study as well as in work. Also, because they remember quickly and for a long time, they save working time and achieve high efficiency. It can be said that these people always want their minds to work.

They are passionate about exploring the vast horizon for knowledge, and they are constantly looking for answers to questions about life around them. They revel in their world with the desire to increase their knowledge more and more.

Points to fix

From the point of view of Pitago numerology, the person with the arrow 3-6-9 is usually very elite and they know their worth. One of them is, that they always think they are in a higher position than others, and for them, friends must be as good as them.

They fear that associating with weaker people will only make them ignorant and unable to find common ground. It is arrogant thinking and personality that form a distance from the people around. In addition to that, the limited ability to express emotions makes them become distant from friends, colleagues, and even family and relatives.

If so, even if they succeed, at the peak of their glory, they are just lonely people. A human mind is a machine and it also needs rest, but they force it to work with too much vigor. It is for that reason that they generate negative emotions stemming from the stress and pressure they create for themselves.

Therefore, these people need to change themselves. First of all, they need to know how to control their emotions, be sociable, and be friendly. Maybe around you, not everyone is lucky enough to have an excellent brain like yours, but it is likely that your living standard and accumulated experiences will be as rich as theirs.

Therefore, respect and learn even from those who are inferior to you. Give your friend a break from time to time, and allow your mind to relax. Treat yourself to a trip or a fun day with family and loved ones. That helps to connect with family and friends and helps the mind to rest after the hard-working days.

Orientation for education and development

Common characteristics of children with 369 arrows – The arrow of wisdom in the chart of birth is the ability to think. Intelligence and a quick mind are shown very early. From an early age, even when they are barely babbling, they show it through actively exploring the world around them by constantly asking questions, showing interest in traversing their surroundings, and experiencing something new.

There are children who even express interests in the fields of science, with astronomy… more than childhood games compared to their peers. Parents with children possessing intellectual arrows should respect their interests, support, and create conditions for them to develop their thinking ability to the fullest.

Today, many centers or gifted classes are opened, which are useful environments for children so that they have the opportunity to learn and have fun making friends. Parents also should not forget to be friends with their children, study with them, play with them and be really patient to find the answers to their questions together. Do not spare them praises when they do a good job or achieve high results because they will feel extremely happy when their efforts are recognized.

Occupations suitable for arrows of wisdom 3-6-9

Intellectual property owners will certainly achieve success in any field if they are directed in the right way. But they will feel that they can really promote their brain power when doing thinking-based tasks such as doing research, doing scientific works, etc. If they do business, they will also have certain achievements…


There are many people in the world who have arrow 369 but not all of them become successful people. It also depends on luck, the ability to seize opportunities, and most importantly, the educational foundation to develop thinking. Therefore, by learning about this arrow in numerology, hopefully, parents can have the right educational orientation for a good future for their children!