Active arrows 7-8-9

In the birthday chart, the arrows have characteristics that show each person’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

What is the outstanding feature of arrow 7-8-9 in numerology?

Referring to the meaning of the arrow 7-8-9 it is impossible not to mention their dynamism. They are people who are passionate about experiences and love new things.

How to overcome the weaknesses of arrows 7-8-9?

People with 789 arrows in numerology are often prone to nervousness. This shows that they also often worry before each event and before the plans happen.

What occupation is suitable for the person with the arrow 789?

They will tend to choose jobs that are less stressful and strenuous to accomplish. Most of the time, the closer they are to nature, the happier and livelier they will be.

Overview of arrow 789 in Numerology

Arrow 7-8-9 in numerology is called arrow activity. It is made up of 3 numbers located on 3 different axes of the birth chart. The number 7 on the physical axis represents experiences. The number 8 is located on the spiritual axis, which means sensitivity. And finally, the number 9 is on the mental axis representing dreams and ambitions.

Active arrows 7-8-9
Arrow works 789 in numerology

Highlights of arrow 7-8-9

The meaning of the arrows 7 8 9. is impossible not to mention their dynamism. They are people who are passionate about experiences and enjoy new things. They show interest in traveling to new places, visiting marvelous landscapes, and interacting with new people.

They go out and explore to release the abundant energy in their body. And because of that hobby, they can gain more knowledge and enrich their living quality. Not only that, there are journeys that make them feel more positive and enthusiastic, changing their thoughts and perceptions.

Every day with them becomes boring and tasteless if they keep repeating the same things over and over or tying their feet in a corner. These people prefer peace rather than a busy life. They often tend to go to the countryside, blending with nature and people here and there.

As a result, their souls become peaceful and at ease. There is nothing more peaceful than dropping yourself in the vast fields, flying kites in the afternoon, and watching flocks of storks fly back to their nests. The scent of ripe rice, of the flickering fire, sometimes makes the mind more relaxed than any expensive fragrance oil. A rustic family meal becomes a delicacy compared to expensive banquets, or hurried office meals.

Points to overcome for people with arrows 789

People with arrows 789 numerologies. They often get nervous. This shows that they also often worry about each event before the plans happen. That unstable mentality makes them not able to bring out their full potential despite careful preparation.

Therefore, these people need to practice their skills well. Sometimes it’s not enough to just prepare in terms of content, but the spirit also plays a decisive role. A confident, calm mentality can make the other person feel confident and have good sympathy, and at the same time, they personally will clearly communicate what they have prepared, and generate more new ideas.

They are less able to withstand pressure. This, in today’s society, is a limiting point and impedes development immensely. Because modern life is a constant ascent, pulling the rhythm of life with the hustle and bustle. Just standing still is enough to fall behind. Every job seems to have its own pressures, but if you keep the anxiety and fear, you will forever be unable to overcome your limits.

Education Orientation

In Pythagorean numerology, children with the appropriate Activity arrow develop in a happy, and harmonious environment. They do not have the ability to adapt well to noise or quarrels, or harsh words. They love to explore their surroundings and especially immerse themselves in nature.

Parents with children of developmental age should limit quarrels with a stressful atmosphere in the family because that is the cause of creating mental black marks and psychological obsessions. For children, parents should gently teach and advise instead of scolding them harshly, which will cause negative reactions.

Families should spend time on leisure activities, and picnics that arouse children’s creativity and curiosity and give them the opportunity to be close to nature.

Future job

In the future, people with arrows working in numerology can choose from a wide variety of professions depending on their preferences. However, they will tend to choose jobs that are less crowded and stressful. The closer they are to nature, the happier and livelier they will be.


In short, learning about Pitago numerology in general and when looking up Pitago numerology in particular, the arrows are just to orient and explore each of us, not to tell our fate. However, it is those insights that can help us take steps to change our destiny.