Angel: 7 signs show that someone you meet is an angel

Angels rarely appear before people with their full power and aura. Angels don’t like to show their wings before humans. They disguise themselves often as human beings. They often disguise themselves as humans.


Angels are high-ranking entities that descend from a Creation totally different from ours. Many occultists believe an angel could be a reincarnated, enlightened human being. However, their origins are often different. We don’t know enough about these amazing creatures.


They usually send messages when we are most in need. This message is usually sent by a divine source (gods and goddesses).


Angels were not common in ancient religions, contrary to popular belief. They are described in the ancient Greek religion. Goddess Iris, a winged god, and messenger from the gods of Mount Olympus are known as Goddess Iris. You might also like to learn more about angels and winged gods. Oniros (god for dreams), Hypnos (god to sleep), and Thanatos (god for death).

So, no. Angels are not limited to the Christian and Jewish religions. These religions have taught us a lot about angels.



Why? Imagine a Winged Angel appearing before you and saying anything. You will be amazed and forced to follow the message. They aren’t trying to force you to do anything. They are there to advise us. They camouflage. The Angels do not interfere with your free will.

They don’t even need to be physically present. They can have many effects on us.


Yes, you do have a Guardian Angel. This Angel is there to advise and protect you at all times. He can be seen in many disguises, trying to communicate with us.


Sign 1: A change of heart.

Feelings of hopelessness and despair can make you feel stuck. A mild to severe episode of depression could be occurring. It feels like you’re walking on a dead-end road.

A stranger suddenly asks for your directions. You look around and offer your assistance. You feel different because of the way he/she smiles, thanks, and says “Thank you.” You will feel alive.

Angels are not required to do anything to assist you. Their presence alone is enough to affect your emotions and create an atmosphere of happiness and freedom. The angel’s aura shines brightly and has an impact on everyone.

Sign 2: Awakening.

You come home from work and it’s yet another night. You are so tired of all the paperwork that you signed earlier and the work you must do tonight. It’s just a normal day. Instead of thinking about other things, you bury your head in your obligations.

On the return trip home, however, something strange happened. Something different. A woman stands in front of you. You suddenly see her. It’s a strange feeling. It was an odd feeling. It is hard to ignore the innocent beauty that you see in her eyes.

If a person you meet can bring out a part in you just by smiling at you, then you might want to consider this possibility. Angels can help us to see our divine origin. They remind us about our purpose in this life.

Sign 3: All senses are activated.

Your body hurts when you get home from the gym. That’s perfectly normal. You work hard and play hard. It’s almost impossible to feel more than what your daily schedule allows.

As you are walking back to your home, you come across a street vendor selling goods. You reach into your pocket to find change and hand it to him. Your nose begins to pick up more smells. After many years, you can smell the rain again. A song can also be stuck in your head. You can feel more energetic when you sing a cheerful song.

Angels activate all our senses. They are familiar with the human body, and they know that to be in contact with this world we have to rediscover who we are. All senses are enhanced: hearing, smell, and taste. It’s not a superpower… it’s something more…

Sign 4: Feeling young again

For a while, you may feel old. Focusing on mundane chores and housework can make you forget about everything. You went to the supermarket to buy a small bag of rice.

Sometimes it can be more difficult to find what you are looking for than usual. Ask for help. The tall, handsome man will tell you that he can help. Together, you search for special rice. This suddenly became very interesting.

Angels make us feel like children. All kinds of adventures are possible. You can find joy, inspiration, or satisfaction in almost any situation. This is exactly what we were when were young. Being young is more than a biological condition. It’s a state of mind.

Sign 5: Confession

Last month was a tragic time. But you still can’t get over it. A friend has died. You had a disagreement with him a few weeks prior to his departure. You still harbor negative feelings for this person in your heart. Rage for him, but rage for you.

This grudge is hard to let go of. You feel guilty about the person you are no longer. You don’t have to do anything more. It makes you feel horrible. You feel terrible when a customer walks into your store and buys something that the deceased loved. It’s like you want to tell the whole story. The stranger is interested in your story. He is open to you. You confess.

Angels are our ultimate confidants. They can help us find what is deep within our hearts. Do you feel hurt? Is it raging? It will rage. Your angel will listen and help you get rid of your problems. This is the first step to…

Sign 6: Healing

You have been suffering from a medical condition for many months or even years. This annoying condition has resisted treatment by many doctors.

You overhear someone talking to you on the phone one night. You are inspired by what he has to say. You are inspired by it. You are now able to see what you can do.

Angels are great healers. Their presence promotes spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being. Each problem is an opportunity to learn more about something larger. When we understand that, we can be free. We heal and we are healed.

Sign 7: Acceptance

You are gay and have tried to hide your sexuality all your life. You were bullied as a teenager because you were different. You tried everything to change your sexuality. It didn’t work. The priests offered their advice. They tried to convince us that it was a crime. You prayed that you weren’t born. You have tried your best to keep away from the world since then.

One day, someone delayed your return home. A young man asked for directions. As you walk by, you will see several young men holding hands as they walk together. They said their goodbyes and kissed. It’s natural. True.

Angels have the ability to manipulate time and space. They can show you what they want. An Angel can also help you accept 100% of yourself. Angels don’t judge you. They will be patient with you and show you the right way each time. They will show you how to accept yourself and others. The Key to Divine Power is Love.