5 Ways to Dig Deep into your Spiritual World

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet an amazing spiritual teacher who teaches on sacred land in New Mexico. Arkan is his name and he doesn’t have a website or social media profile. He does however have a strong connection to God and Mother Earth. This makes him one of my most influential teachers. His loving, patient, grounded, fun, and loving way of life has a greater impact on me than any concept he teaches. One thing he said that made me deeply impression was…


We are all sitting together in a spiritual discussion group. It is amazing that so many people are awakening spiritually. We discussed all the many ways spirituality is growing in popularity, including yoga and the many personal development books.

Arkan said after a pause: “For me, spirituality is really all about one’s ability to be guided.”

I felt the resonance of his words in every cell of me and continued to contemplate this spiritual definition.

Spirituality refers to a person’s ability or capacity to be guided.

It doesn’t matter how often you go to church or how many times you meditate. Or how many Sanskrit words or yoga poses we are proficient in. Or how often we pray, or how many pieces we have engraved with the word “OM”.

Spirituality refers to the freedom to let go of our own ways and to allow God or higher power to guide us.

  • Be open to changing your expectations.
  • Let go of our worries and see the world as it should be.
  • To hear the inner wisdom, we must silence the voice that is urging us to act.
  • Changes can be scary. Face uncertainty with conviction.
  • Serving others in unexpected ways is a way to honor the Spirit in our lives.

My spiritual journey has taught me that meditation and prayer are the best ways to connect with the Source. Spiritual maturity is achieved when I follow the guidance that I receive, even if it’s not always clear.

Even if they don’t understand. Most importantly, I want to remain in my comfort zone.

Spiritual evolution is dependent on our ability to reach the goals we set and on our courage to follow the guidance that we receive.

Keep in mind that we are spiritual beings with human experiences. I encourage you to reflect gently on your devotion to your spiritual lives.

These are five ways to deepen your spirituality.


Take at least three minutes to meditate when you wake up each morning.

This is when you’re most likely to get guidance. Just sit down and breathe. You will be more open to receiving information the more you practice this.


Ask questions throughout the day or speak them out loud. Establish a relationship with God.

Imagine where your attention is going.

You will find accompanying markings in the instructions. Some people prefer numbers and pictures. Others may hear it. You may also notice certain things, or feel drawn to particular conversations.

If you pay attention, your actions will follow.


If you feel anxious about the future or are burying the past in your mind, try bringing your awareness back to the present. Inhale and say, “I am here now, ready to receive.” Deepen your breath.

When we are present, the guide is easier to follow.


Make a goal at bedtime to recall your dreams, and record them each morning. You can keep a journal near your bed and start writing down the things you remember when you wake up.

Your memory will activate when you begin writing. More will follow. It is important to not move during this process. The closer you get to your sleeping state, the better.

What are your methods of getting instructions? Please leave your comments below with any questions or concerns about your spiritual journey.